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Length 12m H Shaped Iron Beam Q235B 75x75mm H Beam Hot Rolled

Length 12m H Shaped Iron Beam Q235B 75x75mm H Beam Hot Rolled

H Shaped Iron Beam 75x75mm

12m H Shaped Iron Beam

H Beam 75x75

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Product Details
Universal Beam/H Beam/I Beam
Hot Rolled H Beams, Welded H Beams
Q235B, SM490, SS400, Q345B, Etc
Structure Building, Bridge Car Construction Etc.
Flange Thickness:
8mm - 64mm
Web Thickness:
Payment & Shipping Terms
Minimum Order Quantity
NO MOQ lilimted
Payment Terms
L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Product Description

H Beam Iron 75*75mm Curved Steel Beam Universal Beams

 H Beam


H-beam is a kind of economical section and high-efficiency section with more optimized cross-sectional area distribution and more reasonable strength-to-weight ratio. It is named after its section is the same as the English letter "H". Since all parts of H-beam are arranged at right angles, H-beam has the advantages of strong bending resistance, simple construction, cost saving and light weight in all directions, and has been widely used.


An economical cross-section profile with a cross-sectional shape similar to the capital Latin letter H, also called universal steel beam, wide-edge (side) I-beam or parallel-flange I-beam. The cross section of H-beam usually includes two parts: web and flange, also called waist and edge.



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 Characteristics of H beams


The inner and outer sides of the H-shaped steel flange are parallel or close to parallel, and the flange ends are at right angles, hence the name Parallel Flange I-beam. The thickness of the web of the H-beam is smaller than that of the ordinary I-beam with the same height of the web, and the flange width is larger than that of the ordinary I-beam with the same height of the web, so it is also called the wide-edge I-beam. Determined by the shape, the section modulus, moment of inertia and corresponding strength of H-beams are significantly better than ordinary I-beams of the same single weight. Used in metal structures with different requirements, whether it bears bending moment, pressure load, or eccentric load, it shows its superior performance. Compared with ordinary I-beam, it can greatly improve the load-bearing capacity and save metal by 10%-40%. H-shaped steel has wide flanges, thin webs, multiple specifications, and flexible use. It can save 15% to 20% of metal when used in various truss structures. Because the flanges are parallel inside and outside, and the edges are at right angles, it is easy to assemble and assemble various components, which can save about 25% of the welding and riveting workload, which can greatly accelerate the construction speed of the project and shorten the construction period.



 Specification of Stainless Steel H Beam


Hot Rolled
workshop, warehouse, plant,Steel web frame structure,Steel H-column and steel H-beam,Portal frame products, High rise building project
20 Metric Ton
Packaging Details
Bundled with firm steel straps, easy for loading
Delivery Time
20 days after deposit
Payment Terms
L/C , T/T or Western Union
Supply Ability
50000 Metric Ton/Metric Tons per Month




  Application of Stainless Steel H Beam


Due to the above advantages, H-beams are widely used, mainly used for: various civil and industrial building structures; various large-span industrial plants and modern high-rise buildings, especially industrial plants in areas with frequent seismic activity and high temperature working conditions; requirements Large-scale bridges with large bearing capacity, good section stability and large spans; heavy equipment; highways; ship skeletons; mine support; foundation treatment and embankment engineering; various machine components.


Length 12m H Shaped Iron Beam Q235B 75x75mm H Beam Hot Rolled 1






Internationally, the product standards of H-beams are divided into two major categories: the imperial system and the metric system. The United States, Britain and other countries adopt the imperial system, while China, Japan, Germany and Russia adopt the metric system. Although the units of measurement used in the imperial system and the metric system are different, most H-beams use four sizes to indicate their specifications, namely: web height h. Flange width b, web thickness d and flange thickness t. Although countries around the world have different ways of expressing H-beam size specifications. However, the product size specification range and dimensional tolerances of the products produced are not much different. 

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